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Our work, at its core, is to get a deep understanding of human lives, their motivations, and what drives their behavior. We use this understanding to help businesses succeed through:
  • Strategy Consulting

    We help brands solve complex business problems, help evolve the company’s vision, set a brand differentiation strategy, find the brand purpose, positioning, or consumer segmentation strategy.

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  • Training

    Want to learn human-centric thinking or train your peers? We run workshops and learning sessions to train managers, MBA aspirants, design students, and even senior executives.

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  • School

    We have distilled our philosophy, method, and skills to teach the world of human-centered thinking to the world. Through courses that make the world of business more human and powerful.

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We’ve helped Brands for 15 years!

Be it addressing a powerful consumer need or finding one. Be it finding real growth, or reversing steep decline. Be it finding a brand’s purpose, or changing an existing social behavior.

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Projects ranging from the company vision to employer branding, to launching new brands, to behavior change, to customer segmentation, to community building.

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Across sectors

From packaged goods to beauty, fashion, real estate, banking, financial services, travel, retail, home decor, software, social causes, automobiles, telecom, we've seen it all.

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Our human-centered process has been implemented in projects in India, the US, the UK, Singapore, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. And it has rung true every time.

Why Centre of Gravity?

Over 15 years ago, we pioneered the idea of human-centered strategy. Today, we are a world-class strategy consulting firm,
a mad-tribe of deep-thinking strategists, community builders, storytellers, and brand-designers. But our essential difference is and continues to be the philosophy of human-centeredness.
Our philosophy

Join our tribe

Movies, music, books, politics, brands, relationships, institutions, social issues etc. or even something that we experience on our way to work in the morning.

Each of these can spark deep insights. But it takes two to tango. We’d love for a two-way conversation with YOU. It can help create or shape all our perspectives—much beyond what we are capable of alone.

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When you put your heart and soul into something, the results show. Almost always. Hear what clients have to say about Centre of Gravity.
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For 15+ years, and long before ‘human-centered’ joined other management jargon and became a buzzword, we have been practicing Human-Centered Strategy with some of the world’s best-known companies and nonprofits. With great success!
It made us realize there’s a lot we can share with the world. With our unique blend of storytelling and case narrations, we aim to spark a lively dialogue about the context in which customers and brands should actually be understood.

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As part of our work, we’ve had thousands of conversations with people, mostly in their personal settings. We’ve gained the ability to have open and rich conversations, elicit stories and listen deeply at the same time.

Some of these stories needed to be told to the larger world. Especially when the stories humanize subjects that hitherto seemed cold, remote, or exclusionary.

Our latest film tells stories about the master tailors of Savile Row, London.

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Our Blog

We also write regularly on all things that form human-centered thinking.

Agriculture or ‘Paan ka Dukaan’

Bharatbhai is 30 years old. And single. He owns about 3–4 acres of land in the cotton and groundnut-rich belt near Rajkot. For someone who is well built, in rude […]

Small Giants-The story of Veena Stores

This is the story of a small giant from Bangalore. One that has been around for over 4 decades. It seems to be a brand that has been built by […]

The Alchemy of Conversations

Pure conversations, I have felt, are the times we listen the best. Great conversations have a flow that seems to dissolve the identity between the people engaged in it. When […]

We are on a journey to humanize
brands and organisations. For over
15+ years. It works—quite beautifully!

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