Welcome to Centre of Gravity

Over 15 years ago, we pioneered the idea of human-centered strategic thinking.

Today, we are a world-class strategy consulting firm, a mad-tribe of deep-thinking strategists, community builders, storytellers, and brand-designers.

But our essential difference is and continues to be the philosophy of human-centeredness.
It is timeless, it is critical to success and we are damn good at it 🙂 - more than anything, we enjoy it, for it makes our work magical and meaningful.

Our story

The beginning of our dream started when a few friends met during their business school days in Mumbai. In our early careers in advertising, marketing, marketing research, and consulting, we dreamt of doing work to impact not only brands and businesses but also the world at large.

After learning and mastering our craft among the best in the world, a few of us were still disillusioned about the way things were. So Rajesh, Balaji, and Vijay started Centre of Gravity in 2005. And over the years many others left their thriving careers elsewhere and joined the tribe.

The discovery of the human-centered path came about serendipitously. It was on one of our earlier projects for Castrol, when one of us decided to let go of conversations about lubricants when we met customers. We decided to focus exclusively on the people. Meeting them, listening to them, knowing them deeply. Not just as customers who bought stuff. But as people. And the strategy that emerged from it was powerful. It gives us goosebumps even to this day.

The client did not buy it. How could they? We were a fledgling company with no pedigree. But we had discovered our path.

How to solve problems in a human-centered way. And we stuck to exploring and crystallizing our philosophy and method.

This method can be applied to any category. Because at the heart of every category was knowing people. So we have proven it to be successful in category after category. In manufacturing, services, finance, retail, fashion, software, B2B. In India, the US, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

Our philosophy

To be open

To surrender ourselves to possibilities.
To invoke serendipity, invite the unknown.
To find ambiguity, delicious.
To seek to be surprised.
To ride the twists and turns.
To be lost in a way.
So we can find new worlds and ideas.

To seek the source

To find and explore the contexts, always.
To fathom its depth.
To find the something behind everything.
To go to the womb.
To get to the root of why people think, feel or act.

To find the patterns

To see the order in the chaos.
To know the chaos in the order.
To find the dots and connect them.
To see the value of the part.
While finding the magic of the whole.

To be eclectic

To find inspirations everywhere.
To borrow ideas from multiple sources.
To absorb multiple perspectives.
Mythology. Films. Stand-up comedy.
From anywhere to help understand.
From anything to help solve.

To solve. To create

To help a brand find its true self so it is free.
To free it in a way so it can fly.
To push the envelope. To provoke the edge.
To evoke the creative conflict.
That changes the status quo.
And creates a better future.

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