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Through Workshops, Learning Sessions, and Courses, we teach human-centered thinking to CXOs, managers, colleges, industry associations, and aspirants.

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    With our unique blend of storytelling and case narrations,
    we spark a lively dialogue about the context in which
    customers and brands should actually be understood.

      A training and facilitation workshop intended to help senior leadership arrive at a human-centered approach to vision and values.


      A workshop that helps managers and leaders understand the art of conducting conversations in a manner that helps them arrive at deep insights, which in turn drive growth.


      A workshop to help participants traverse the journey from identifying a problem or an opportunity to arriving at the solution through a human-centered approach


      Understand the power of listening, the challenges to listening and learn the ways to counter these chal-lenges in a way that leaves a deep personal and professional impact.


      Learn how a brand decides what stories it needs to tell, the possible frameworks for storytelling, and how stories can be used to address a Brand’s different needs.


      Go through a series of interventions that push you out of the comfort zone and through a process of self-awareness and reflection to explore the journey to success.

    Learning Sessions

    We conduct 2-hour learning and sharing sessions to give a glimpse of human-centered thinking to colleges, companies, CEO forums, and symposiums across the world.

    Online Courses

    We may have mastered the art of human-centered thinking.
    But so can you! We have designed courses to help you get started on this path.

    Our success stories

    Over the last 15 years, we’ve consulted and helped over 50 brands across categories form their brand strategies. Here’s what they say about
    Centre of Gravity.
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      We also write regularly on all things that form human-centred thinking.

      The choice between being clever vs. being useful.

      “I was terrible at it. There were 25 students in the class. I would be the 26th if there was a ranking for that. I used to […]

      The great Indian Kitchen

      It was just yesterday that I was having this conversation with a friend. She asked me, ‘why don’t you hire a cook?’ And it’s a question a few of my colleagues have asked too. And quite frankly, irrespective of whatever excuse I may give for not hiring, the honest answer may be that I have started enjoying cooking. I am not talking about the creative art of cooking when the right mood arrives. I am talking about cooking as a daily habit. The everyday cooking. An Indian household churns out Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and sometimes even an evening snack. There was a time it blew my mind to think even it’s humanly possible. Spending so much time every day cooking. What drives us to do this otherwise mundane, uneventful, and tedious act? And I must admit that there was a time when I used to view it just as dull, a necessary evil. When did this change?

      On Mastery

      These were the days when wells were dug in homes by hand for water supply. Depending on the terrain, each well can go as deep as 25 […]

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